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Stunt Eater Review: Beer Run, Again

Since I last reviewed Beer Run, I made it a point to go back there as well as to do some thinking.

At first, I felt a little guilty for not giving a glowing review.  After all, the owners are surely nice people that are just trying to make some scratch.  And who am I to give middling reviews anonymously?  On the other hand, I had a minor epiphany last night.  The person I was with mentioned that one of the issues he has with the restaurant is the atmosphere.  It struck me that Beer Run sits in an awkward middle ground: more than a sandwich place, less than a fine dining place; more than a beer store, less than a bar. It is the middle ground between Bel Air Market, the uniquely Charlottesvillian gourmet gas station,  and our example of extreme thinking gone wrong (and out of business), Fuel Co.  You don’t go to Bel Air for the ambience – you get your sandwich and maybe you eat it while you watch people fill up their cars.  Fuel Co’s concept of fine dining and gasoline was, at best, flawed, and at worst, fatal.  If you go, your expectations should be set above “Bel  Air” and below “Fuel.”  However, I do hope that they fare better than Fuel.

As far as the food and service go, my opinion hasn’t changed.  Service is attentive and they serve great beers well.  The nachos are pretty good and the sandwiches are affordable.  The burger is still $13, which is a stretch.  They won’t beat Continental Divide’s nachos, which deserve a treatise themselves, but they are worth ordering again simply because they are reasonably priced, taste pretty good, and they are great to eat with beer.  In the end, Beer Run is worth a trip if you’re bored of your usual casual restaurants and want to try something new or if you’re looking to pick up a six pack and some food, but don’t expect fine dining.

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